Union XII Corps

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Brigadier General Henry Hayes Lockwood

Brigadier General Henry Hayes Lockwood, Commander, 2d Brigade, 1st Division, Union XII Corps

LOCKWOOD, Henry Hayes, soldier, b. in Kent county, Del., 17 Aug., 1814. He was graduated at the U. S. military academy in 1836, assigned to the 2d artillery, and served against the Seminoles in Florida in 1836-37, but resigned his commission on 12 Sept., 1837, and engaged in farming in Delaware until 1841. He was then appointed professor of mathematics in the U. S. navy and ordered to the frigate "United States," on which he participated in the capture of Monterey, Cal., in October, 1846. On his return he was ordered to the naval asylum at Philadelphia, and subsequently to the naval school at Annapolis, as professor of natural and experimental philosophy. In 1851 he was transferred to the chair of field artillery and infantry tactics, serving also as professor of astronomy and gunnery till 1866. During the civil war he served as colonel of the 1st Delaware regiment, and was made brigadier-general of volunteers on 8 Aug., 1861. He commanded an expedition to the eastern shore of Virginia, then had charge of Point Lookout and the defences of the lower Potomac, commanded a brigade at Gettysburg, and, from December, 1863, till April, 1864, was at the head of the middle department, with headquarters at Baltimore. He then participated in the Richmond campaign in May and June, 1864, and commanded provisional troops against Gen. Jubal A. Early, in July, 1864. From that date until August, 1865, he commanded a brigade in Baltimore. He was mustered out of service on 25 Aug., 1865, and returned to the naval school in Annapolis. He was retired on 4 Aug., 1876. In addition to a tract entitled "Manual of Naval Batteries," he has published "Exercises in Small Arms and Field Artillery, arranged for the Naval Service" (Washington, 1852).”

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General Lockwood commanded the 1st Maryland, Potomac Home Guard, Eastern Shore, C, and the 150th New York infantry regiment.  General Lockwood moved to Georgetown, in Washington, DC, where he died on December 7, 1899.  He is buried at Annapolis.

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